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Robin’s nest, chapter 14

The chicks have been growing rapidly. It’s probably a good thing only 3 eggs hatched, the 3 of them are pretty cramped now in the nest, a 4th chick might not fit now. They’re getting stronger and more active, they move around some in the nest, I see them sometimes using their beaks to preen their feathers, I saw a couple of them try to rise up a bit and flap their wings a bit. I don’t think they were trying to fly but just stretching them out.

Momma doesn’t eat the poop anymore. When they lift their butts in the air to poop, she grabs the poop and flies off with it. So their digestive tracts must be filling out. I saw Momma bring back a huge load of worms a few times, and when she comes back, the beaks rise way up in the air and the mouths gape wide open.

I suspect they might start flying tomorrow.


I didn’t sleep well again. Woke up a little after 4 AM and couldn’t get back asleep. Lots of crazy dreams over the weekend.

It would also be nice if we got some sunshine around here again. The past week and a half or so it’s been constant cloudy weather with a fair number of showers. There was some sun Saturday, but that’s been it.


Robin’s nest, chapter 13

The chicks are able to open their eyes now, and they cheep when they raise their heads and open their mouths asking for food. They’ve gotten a lot bigger, and when momma sits on top of them to shelter them and keep them warm, she’s not down in the nest anymore.

Robin’s nest, chapter 12

The robin chicks got through the day fine yesterday, and it was a bit drier than had been forecast. The chicks continue to grow and get stronger. When I saw the momma bring back worms last evening, the 3 heads all lifted up quickly and were much steadier than prior days.

Feathers continue to grow.


Wicked and wild dreams last night. Woke me up first at 2:15, then again at 4:30, then finally again 3 minutes before the alarm at 6. These were dreams which woke me up and felt like they had tuckered me out more.

Robin’s nest, chapter 11

Today’s a great day if you’re a duck or a goose. Very wet, lots of rain, kind of cool for May as well. Hopefully, the chicks will stay fairly dry and warm and get fed enough.


After a night of good sleep, this time I woke up a little after 2 from a dream that I was in a MASH unit and there were all these horrible injuries coming in.


I did a partial mixed grip chin up today. Using a mixed grip with my left hand facing away from my body, I am to hold the chin up bar and not have too much pain. I also don’t think I could start it from the bottom position, I have to be satisfied, for now, starting from a little below halfway which is where my arms are when I reach up to the bar in the doorway.

So I’m happy some to see that sign of progress with the shoulder. Still a long way to go, but at least it’s going.

Robin’s nest, chapter 10

The nest has ended up with 3 chicks. One of the eggs must have been a dud. 2 of the chicks are larger than the 3rd, I’d presume that the larger 2 are the ones which hatched before I took a picture Thursday morning, and the smallest 1 is the one that hatched during the day on Friday.

Below is a picture of the 3 chicks on Friday

This next one is of them on Sunday

And finally, this morning. I think you can see some feathers beginning to develop.


I slept all night. Weird. It’s been a while since I’ve slept the whole way through. It was rather shocking to have the alarm go off and realize that the whole night was gone.

Robin’s nest, chapter 9

I guess if we’d been able to see inside the eggs yesterday, we might have seen the developing robins beginning to peck their way out of the shells.

I didn’t see it at first on the cellphone screen, but when I looked at it on the computer, I noticed that the egg towards the bottom of the photo was showing a beak poking out.

By tomorrow there’ll probably be 4 hatchlings.


My dreams weren’t so crazy last night, but I woke up a little after 4 anyway and never got back to sleep.

Robin’s nest, chapter 8

It’d be interesting if we could see what’s going on inside the eggs. Whenever I look through the window at the nest and the momma robin looks back at me, she always seems to have a stern expression.


Bad sleeping night. Woke up out of a wild dream a little after 2, took over an hour to go back to sleep and when that happened, it was a series of wild dreams that I would wake up out of and then drift back to sleep. I have noticed one change in my dreams though. I’ve gotten away from the dreams where I wasn’t me, the dreams were more like me somewhat observing from outside the dream and yet I would also simultaneously be a character who wasn’t me in the dream. Those dreams were always another level of weird.