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The robin’s nest, chapter 3

It’s going to be a tough day for the momma robin today. Yesterday was warm and sunny, today there’s a chilly rain falling. Because of that, I didn’t take a picture of the nest and eggs. I did check on the nest and robin by looking through the window. She was in the nest and had also lifted her wings, spread them out and up over the edges of the nest. It appeared to me that she is doing that to shield the nest from the rain. This is going to be her March of the Penguins day, if you’ve ever seen that movie you know what I mean about how the penguins do what they have to do to shield the eggs from the cold around them.


Dreams woke me up around 2 and I didn’t get back to sleep til maybe 4. Nothing terribly stressful, but still intense and bizarre in places.

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