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Robin’s nest, chapter 14

The chicks have been growing rapidly. It’s probably a good thing only 3 eggs hatched, the 3 of them are pretty cramped now in the nest, a 4th chick might not fit now. They’re getting stronger and more active, they move around some in the nest, I see them sometimes using their beaks to preen their feathers, I saw a couple of them try to rise up a bit and flap their wings a bit. I don’t think they were trying to fly but just stretching them out.

Momma doesn’t eat the poop anymore. When they lift their butts in the air to poop, she grabs the poop and flies off with it. So their digestive tracts must be filling out. I saw Momma bring back a huge load of worms a few times, and when she comes back, the beaks rise way up in the air and the mouths gape wide open.

I suspect they might start flying tomorrow.


I didn’t sleep well again. Woke up a little after 4 AM and couldn’t get back asleep. Lots of crazy dreams over the weekend.

It would also be nice if we got some sunshine around here again. The past week and a half or so it’s been constant cloudy weather with a fair number of showers. There was some sun Saturday, but that’s been it.

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