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Well, I continue to wake up often from bad dreams. In some ways, I’ve become acclimated to it, although there is no real way to become fully acclimated. They wake me up and it’ll usually take an hour or more to fall back asleep. If I do fall back asleep quickly, I often return into more disturbing dreams. Last night’s wasn’t so terrifying, just incredibly sad.

I’ve gotten back to more diligent study of French again. I’m reviewing the lessons in Assimil New French with Ease. I’ve noticed a few things. After some initial reramping up of my listening ability, I’m having a much better go of it at distinguishing the words and vocabulary of the dialogues. Not all of it, but a much larger percentage that I can hear, repeat it in my head while forming an image of the words on a page.

I also now have a better appreciation of how Assimil would constantly bring things back from prior lessons.

I’m also looking more closely at the review lessons, every 7th lesson, looking at what they said. There’s a lot of good information in those lessons. If I were to do a new course with a different language, I would spend a lot more time on those review lessons than I did when I went through NFwE the first time.



I had been getting a bit frustrated with golfing as of late. Been shooting somewhere in the 90s, hadn’t really been keeping score because I was too prone to some ugly ugly shots and play that discouraged me from keeping track and just trying to focus on hitting a good shot or two again.

Although towards the end of the round prior to this last weekend’s round, I began feeling a better swing again and seeing some better shots which encouraged me.

And then I went out on Saturday this last weekend. Probably the smartest thing I did was go down a bit before when I wanted to pay and go out on the course, and use that time to hit some pitch and chip shots around the practice green, and spend a little time with putting practice as well. So when I got up to the first tee, I was actually warmed up.

I parred the first hole, had a birdie putt from about 10 feet that just missed. At the second hole, I hit my longest drive so far this year, a really nice swing and strike that felt about as close to a full swing with a driver as I’ve had all year with this slowly thawing frozen shoulder. I hit my second shot up near the green and then pitched on with a lob wedge to about 15 feet away. Again just missed a birdie.

Parred the third hole and it was my favorite par of the three holes. Because I saved it with smart play. My drive had gotten a bit right and I was blocked by tree branches, so I just hit a low-running 4-iron to in front of the green with a good angle to the pin, then pitched on and left myself a 1-foot tap in for par.

Hole 4 I yanked the drive left, tried to clear a tree with a 5-iron, caught its top and found myself in the fairway bunker 145 yards out. I hit a good 6-iron and got on the green and 2-putted for a bogey.

Hole 5 I hit an ugly left hooking yank that settled down in the rough before the fairway started. I played an 8-iron to get into wedge range, and from there, hit a lob wedge that almost smacked the flagstick and came to a rest 12 feet behind the cup. I drained that for par.

Hole 6 was a bogey. My 5-iron was short of the green and my chip on ran out too far. Still, I’m thinking I might shoot a sub-40 on the front.

But then I double bogeyed hole 7. Bad drive to the left again, played out for my second, then got my next shot positioned for a wedge to the green. But I hit a fat shot with the pitching wedge and then had to wedge on with the lob wedge. 2 putts, double bogey.

So I then joked to the others, “Well I just have to make a birdie on this next hole if I want to shoot under 40.”

And I hit my best drive at 8 so far this year, and left myself about 120 yards to a front pin on the right edge of the green. I aimed about 10 feet left of the pin, and trusted that I could hit my fade with the 9-iron. It was pretty, and it came to a rest about 6 feet under the hole. Birdie.

Then with a par at 9, I had shot 3-over 39.

So I’m thinking, geeze, maybe I can do this. Maybe I can shock myself completely and shoot sub-80 without any warning by prior decent play.

But hole 10 got off to a less than stellar start. I swung the 3-wood and near completely whiffed on the ball. It trickled out a little to my left and about 6 feet in front of the tee. There was a sort of disbelief all around. In me, in my playing partners. Almost in a chorus, they all said, “Go ahead and hit another, that doesn’t count.” But I shook my head and left my ball where it lay. To hit another without proper penalty would have made empty if I had used that and gone on to shoot under 80. Because I wouldn’t have. I would have broken the rules of golf. So I let the ball lay where it was, waited for the other 3 to hit their tee shots and then I went with my 3-wood again at the ball where it was.

It wasn’t pretty, although it got a bit of distance to it, but still short of the fairway, and I’m laying 2. I’m thinking, just be smart and get out of this with a double bogey. So I then used a 5-iron to lay up to around 140 yards out, and then smacked a hard 8-iron up to the green perched atop the hill. I couldn’t see where it ended up, but I knew it was on the green and I ought to be able to two putt. When I got up there, I found I was about 10 feet with a nearly straight uphill putt. I sank that putt and escaped with bogey.

Hole 11 nearly made a biride, just lipped out.

Hole 12, should have made par, I hit a great chip shot about 3 feet past the hole, and missed that short putt.

Hole 13 was my disaster hole of the day. I hit a decent tee shot, but it was short of being far enough to get clear of the inside of the dogleg. So I hit a gap wedge to set myself up with another wedge, but I hit the sand wedge fat and had a long pitch shot to the hole. Came up about 25 feet short and 3-putted. I was now 8 over par after 13 holes. A bogey at 14 and I was 9 over par. Another disastrous 3-putt at 15 and had gone to 11 over par. Doing the calculations in my head, I joked as we got to the next tee, “Well I only need birdi-birdie-eagle and I can shoot sub 80.”

So I hit a solid drive at 16, tugged a bit left though and I could tell I was probably going to have trouble with a tree that’s on the inside of the dogleg about 110 yards from the green. Sure enough, I found my ball in the rough, 145 yards away from the center of the green. A good lie though, no trouble with that. The problem was that tree. I could tell I wouldn’t get an 8-iron high enough to clear it. The problem was it takes a hard 8-iron for me to think of going 145 yards with it. But it would have to be 9-iron. And if I wanted to get on the green, it would have to be a super hard 9-iron.

I hit the 9-iron of my life with that. The ball took off like a rocket, just barely cleared the uppermost branches of the tree and flew nearly dead on a line towards the flagstick in the back of the green. Ball landed towards the back of the green and then rolled to a stop up close to the hole.

There it was birdie.

But there ran out my magic. I bogeyed 17 and 3-putted for a bogey at 18. And so tallied an 84.


Was wiped out and went to bed early last night.

Had one wakeup from a bad dream, but fell back asleep quickly. Then a wakeup from a strange but not bad dream, but the wakeup was long as I thought hard about something.

Alarm went off at 6, hit snooze once.

a couple of nightmares

I actually slept fairly well the night before, the dreams were quiet. But last night I woke from a couple of nightmares and I feel really tired this morning.

Shoulder is slowly improving. It’s funny how pain recedes from frozen shoulder. At its worst, there’s the chronic ache and danger of any little jolt to the shoulder causing a whole lot of pain. Then the chronic ache disappears and it takes bigger jolts to make the pain flare. But even up to a little while ago, there was still some chronic ache and the danger of a jolt to the shoulder hurting.

Now I’ve noticed this past week a couple of times I would jerk my arm but there would be no flare of pain.

So that’s improvement. I just wish the range of motion would improve faster.

Oh well. I’m grumpy today.


More crazy dreaming. I had a genuine horror sort of nightmare that woke me up around 1:45. After that, once I got back to sleep, the dreams were just strange and not so terrifying. Not restful though, a lot of microwakeups.

where there’s smoke

I began reading Merchants of Doubt by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway last evening. It starts off with a little bit about one climatologist who had his work questioned, then with the next chapter the book begins tracing the history of how some conservative think tanks got their starts.

Starts that got funded by the tobacco industry. It was this industry which discovered the profitability of finding ways to cast doubt upon the findings of scientists, findings that were put through the rigors of peer review and scrutiny. So long as the tobacco industry to manufacture enough doubt and controversy about the findings of scientists and doctors, the industry could stave off regulation and fend off lawsuits.

It was a game the tobacco industry would eventually lose.

But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t money out there that would seek to find ways to cast doubt upon other scientific findings. Like the oil industry.

You want to know something funny about the tobacco industry? All the time they were denying the health risks of smoking, they also invested money and time into trying to develop safe cigarettes.

It makes me think of how you’ll sometimes see commercials from oil companies about how they are trying to develop green energies. Yet at the same time, they pour funding into think tanks to cast doubt and uncertainty upon climate change.

I still have a lot more of the book to read.


Woke up from crazy dreams around 2, took over an hour to get back to sleep. Lots of crazy dreams til the alarm went off.


The sleepiness was overwhelming by about 7:30 last night and I went to bed. I woke up from a dream a little after 2 and then had a long wakeup, maybe around 1.5 hours til I had a short sleep that a dream woke me from, another microsleep with a dream that woke me up, then sleeping with eerie dreams til the alarm went off. I still felt tired and hit snooze 2x before getting out of bed.

I’m more confident that the shoulder is healing. Every day somehow, it just feels a bit better, maybe not actually better enough that I can actually reach higher or farther, but just further removed from the discomfort and pain. Hopefully the swelling of the joint continues to go down and the shoulder capsule space is expanding in size. Along with that expansion, hopefully synovial fluid is filling back in — I suspect that synovial fluid is important with helping to remove the adhesions that are mucking things up in there. As the capsule space expands, the body creates more synovial fluid to fill the joint, and one of synovial fluid’s jobs is to remove waste materials and debris. During the time there was little to no synovial fluid in there because there was no capsule space, debris built up and became the adhesions that freeze the shoulder and arm.

That’s my speculation. If it’s correct, it’s also why trigger point therapy can’t heal frozen shoulder. The shoulder isn’t locked up because the muscles are locking it down exclusively, the shoulder locks up because of the shrunken capsule space and resultant adhesions. I think maybe that the muscles can develop trigger points and that can contribute to some of the locking down, and trigger point therapy can be helpful in alleviating that, but it won’t fix what’s going on inside the shoulder capsule.