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I woke up at 4 this morning from a disturbing dream and wasn’t able to sleep again. It’s very frustrating. Almost every night it happens. It’s better some if it happens earlier, I have a better chance of getting back to sleep.

Golfed on Saturday, shot an 89 from the white tees. I’m getting a bit more distance with the driver again, but I’m still a ways away from having full power. Yesterday I played too and had a drive at 16 that I hit flush, slight fade and had a good chance to roll with the ground having dried out some. But I was about 30 yards short of where a drive like that would have ended up in the past. Shot 91 yesterday. I was hacking some. Saturday I was swinging better but the putter was poor, 35 putts for that round, 35 putts with 2 putts taken care of by a chip in birdie at 15.

The chip in was nice. They’re letting the rough grow taller and thicker around the greens than in the past, and I had gotten a tough sitting down lie behind the green after my iron shot into the green had bounced over. But I used the lob wedge to pop it out and it was right on track for the hole, hit the pin and dropped.

It’s reached afternoon now. I wish I could tuck down into a bed and sleep.

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