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The sleepiness was overwhelming by about 7:30 last night and I went to bed. I woke up from a dream a little after 2 and then had a long wakeup, maybe around 1.5 hours til I had a short sleep that a dream woke me from, another microsleep with a dream that woke me up, then sleeping with eerie dreams til the alarm went off. I still felt tired and hit snooze 2x before getting out of bed.

I’m more confident that the shoulder is healing. Every day somehow, it just feels a bit better, maybe not actually better enough that I can actually reach higher or farther, but just further removed from the discomfort and pain. Hopefully the swelling of the joint continues to go down and the shoulder capsule space is expanding in size. Along with that expansion, hopefully synovial fluid is filling back in — I suspect that synovial fluid is important with helping to remove the adhesions that are mucking things up in there. As the capsule space expands, the body creates more synovial fluid to fill the joint, and one of synovial fluid’s jobs is to remove waste materials and debris. During the time there was little to no synovial fluid in there because there was no capsule space, debris built up and became the adhesions that freeze the shoulder and arm.

That’s my speculation. If it’s correct, it’s also why trigger point therapy can’t heal frozen shoulder. The shoulder isn’t locked up because the muscles are locking it down exclusively, the shoulder locks up because of the shrunken capsule space and resultant adhesions. I think maybe that the muscles can develop trigger points and that can contribute to some of the locking down, and trigger point therapy can be helpful in alleviating that, but it won’t fix what’s going on inside the shoulder capsule.

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