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half and half

Woke up from a semi-nightmare a little after 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Dreams are ghosts, maybe.


After that 84 a couple of weeks ago, I’ve regressed back to shooting in the 90s. On Saturday, the driver and putter worked very well. I drove the ball the best I have all year, putting a majority of drives in the fairway, and only one bad pull to the left. But I struggled with the irons. Ended up shooting 93, with only 30 putts. 63 shots to get on the green and putting is way too many. 63 shots to get on the green after putting myself in play with good drives is way way too many.

2 standout holes. Hole 4, a good drive that hugged the inner corner of the dogleg to the left, leaving me about 140 yards to a pin on the right side of the green and a bunker looming on the left. I hit a good hard 9-iron that ended up about 10 to 12 feet from the hole and I sank a fairly straight putt for a birdie.

Hole 16, a decent drive, still well short of where I could be if the shoulder was healthy, I hit a fairly solid 8-iron to the green but tugged it a tiny bit left and it landed in the bunker. The pin was on the left of the green, and cut on the slope from the shoulder down from the bunker. It was not going to be an easy bunker shot, short and very little green to work with. I opened up the face on the lob wedge, chocked down on the grip, a couple of fingers touching the metal shaft, and made a good swing, firm and not slowing down. The ball popped up with a high trajectory, a little left of the pin, landed with enough spin to not take off down the slope and came to a rest 1 foot behind the hole. I tapped in for par.


I got an invitation to Google+ on Friday. I joined it. On the weekend, I searched for people who identified themselves as type 1 in their profiles, and began forming a circle of type 1 diabetics.


In the shower in the morning, I try to converse with myself in French, just to help me improve with trying to think in French. I think I’m getting better, but it’s frustrating some, especially when I try to listen to French dialogues that I have no text for. I will catch bits of it, sometimes I will parse out sentences, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and will have my mind drift off into thinking in English.

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