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sleep wake sleep wake sleep wake or something like that

Flopped into bed around 8:00, slept til 9, woke up briefly, fell back asleep til 10:30, woke briefly, slept again til a little after 1, had a longer being awake til after 3, woke around 4:30, fell back asleep til 5:30, woke up, fell back asleep and the alarm went off at 6.

Some moderately bad nightmares early on, just strange dreams the rest of the way. I can remember some of the later ones, dreamed I went with my sister and niece to a meetup of diabetics that were in Type 1 diabetes circle on Google+. Sister and niece are not diabetic, but they went along.

One of the diabetics began singing and suddenly I realized he was singing in French. I went over to ask him how did he learn French and he along with someone sitting next to him were speaking French to me.

Then the meeting was ended and I tried to find my way back through the city streets which also went through various restaurants and clubs. At one of the clubs, I was blamed as being the one who spiked this big guy’s drink and he came after me. I saw him coming and calmly slammed my right fist into his nose and dropped him. Then I tried to find my way to the car again, but was lost in the maze of streets and restaurants.

Finally the alarm went off.

It’s no wonder I’m not exactly feeling rested with these dreams. That was one of the least intense ones.

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