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I dreamed badly last night. The first one was quick. I went to bed a quarter after 9, and woke up with a start at 9:30. Then it was back to sleep and then waking up at 11:30. Back asleep and then awake at 2:30. I woke again at 4 and didn’t fall back asleep until after 5.

It felt like pulling myself out of tar when the alarm went off.

I had a sad dream in there. I was at a gathering of people I had once worked with, when suddenly I saw a person who I would like to talk to some again. Then they went outside the building we were in and I went out too because someone said that that person had come to see me. I found the person by a table with food and drinks and went to talk to them. “Hey,” I said. The reply was “What?” in a contemptuous voice. I looked away and felt embarrassed, then when I looked again, the person was gone.

Maybe there’s a finite amount of happy dreams we get to have in life and I’ve already used mine up.

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