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It never stops

More bad dreams overnight.


But I suppose if there’s a big worry right now, it’s the question of what’s going to happen in Washington and if the debt ceiling limit will be raised. It’s finally happened. The long years of the Republican party courting the fringe elements, courting a caucus of voters who don’t use reality to form their voting opinions, a sluggish economic recovery, a media that’s either outright partisan, Fox News, or a media that’s too careful about giving both sides equal opportunity even when one side is veering off into crazyland, well that gave us the 2010 election results and which saw a large number of Tea Party sorts being elected to the House. I think we should forget labeling their positions and strategies as Tea Party politics. Call it crazytics. Crazytics because much of it is insane and works as a tic-like response to things.

Taxes? Tic — no new taxes!

The White House suggests ideas about eating healthy? Tea Party crazytics — we hate Obama, we hate that he wants to ban foods, we’re going to eat badly in protest.

Energy saving light bulbs? We hate Obama and we hate saving money and the environment.

Then we hate saving money, but we demand that you slash government spending during a recession because we want the government to save money?

Like I said, it’s not politics, it’s crazytics.

Now the crazyticians want to fuck up the United States by possibly forcing the United States to default on its debt. And what will happen if the largest economic power in the world defaults?

It could be bad, really bad.

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