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Some stuff is just too funny

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

So last week I was at work and a little before 2, I started to feel like my chair was shaking. I thought maybe some huge truck or something was nearby. But it kept going. Eventually I went across the hall and asked a coworker if she felt things were shaking. She said yes and then it finally hit me. It was an earthquake. That was the most I’ve ever felt the earth shake in my life. I remember one other time back in the 80s I was sitting on the toilet and felt an earthquake. But that’s it in my life for memorable earthquakes.

Then we got Irene this past weekend. I had to do some work down in the basement due to a bit of flooding. Lots of people around here without power due to trees falling across power lines.

But here I’m at work today and got to see this wonderful bit of theology and politics wrapped up in ball of stupid insanity. This is Michele Bachmann’s opinion on what an earthquake and hurricane on the east coast means:

I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.

You know, if you think God is actually talking to you,  it might be time to seek qualified professional help.

But what does that mean that there are a large number of Republican voters who would want to see this woman be our president? Are they insane too?

Even if she wasn’t being serious, it’s in fairly poor taste seeing how many people have been killed or suffered other losses due to the quake and Irene.



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5.6 for my latest A1c result. I think the last time I had a result of 6.0 or greater was May 2007. It always makes my doctor happy, although he obviously cautions me about hypoglycemias. But I don’t have too many of those and my hypo awareness has improved since 2006 when I switched over from 2 shots of NPH and pray to using MDI with Lantus and Novolog.


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I had bad dreams Friday night. And last night, it wasn’t so much a bad dream but odd and I was dissociated at times in it, where I was another person in the dream and would see myself doing something. From what I remember, it started off that I was working in a convenience store and was slicing meat for hoagies. Then some other guy was slicing a roast beef but the meat slices would be turkey.

But that wasn’t our real job. Our real job was smuggling people out of Iraq. I have no idea why I would be dreaming about that, nor dreaming that that out the plate glass window of the convenience store it was Iraq. And we had to smuggle people out of there while slicing meat for sandwiches.

I woke up around 4 out of that and was completely thinking, “what the fuck?” Managed to get back to sleep though and was jolted awake by the alarm at 6.


Earlier in the year, around mid-April, I had a bit of surprise one morning when I looked out to see what was at the bird feeder, and I saw 3 rather large birds walking around underneath the feeder and its tree, looking for seeds. These large birds were turkeys, 2 hens and 1 tom.

The last I saw of the hens was towards the end of May. But the tom continued to hang around, often showing up in the mornings or late afternoons, looking for sunflower seeds which were his favorite. Then about 2.5 weeks ago, he stopped showing up and I figured he had moved on to elsewhere or had met his demise somehow.

Then he showed up again last Thursday.


The GABA experiment continues. Still taking 6.0g a day. My basal dose has gone back up to 22u though. And sometimes, for reasons I don’t understand, it appears that my liver will sometimes dump a huge amount of glucose into me. It happened to me last night. I had had some peas for carbs with dinner, not much, but 2 hours after dinner, my blood sugar was 300 mg/dL. Ugh. And there has been other instances of this, where I will get an unexpected high reading, in the upper 200s. The occurrence of that makes me think that if eventually I am satisfied nothing is changing, that the autoimmune attack is still wiping out the beta cells my body tried to regrow, then I’ll stop taking GABA. At least in this high of dose. Maybe I’ll supplement some still because type 1 diabetics may be generally deficient in GABA.

I also don’t think it’s done much to relieve my sense of anxiety or tendency to worry. I don’t know if that’s because GABA doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier well or if I’m just always an anxious worrying sort of person. I don’t know. I had rather hoped that the GABA might help with that, I really had. I might be a bit happier if it was able to help me.

more on GABA

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It looks like the reduction in insulin needs is coming to a stop. I stuck with 17u Lantus for a few days, pushed it back up to 18u this morning.

Which more than likely indicates that the reduction in insulin was being caused by GABA slowing down the production of sugar by the liver. My own expectation is that if the autoimmune attack were to stop and beta cells begin regenerating, then one would likely see a fairly steady drop in insulin needs, as I’m guessing that the pancreas would be able to regenerate beta cells at a fairly steady pace.

Still, I can’t yet discount the possibility that the GABA might be having an effect on the immune system, it’s just not there yet. I’ve seen a reduction in hepatic glucose production, but maybe now I’m waiting for the effect on the immune system to happen. It’s probably not likely, but I can’t discount that possibility so I am going to continue dosing with GABA for some time. If after a good length of time there is no sign of any changes, then I’ll have to make a decision if the reduction in hepatic glucose production is worth the cost of GABA and also the potential for unknown side effects that could happen with longterm dosing of GABA.


I didn’t sleep all that good last night. Didn’t get to bed til late, then I woke up around 5 from a sad dream and wasn’t able to fall back asleep. I feel tired.


I’ve been working again on Esperanto. Reviewing some of the early chapters of Teach Yourself Esperanto and scouring through stuff on Lernu and other places. I’ve also been listening to podcasts from Radio Verda. It’s definitely a lot easier to get a foothold in Esperanto than other languages. Although I’ve certainly been helped by the amount of French I know. Many of the roots in Esperanto come from the Romance languages and I get some recognition of words through that.

Right now I’m very interested in working hard on it, and seeing if I can get myself up to where I can possibly think in Esperanto for prolonged periods of time. I can get brief stretches of thinking in French, but I can’t sustain it. English is such an old and familiar friend, and I’m used to thinking hard about topics which aren’t run-of-the-mill, topics which I don’t really have vocabulary for yet in French. But I might be able to get enough vocabulary with Esperanto to do that, and the word building aspect of Esperanto makes it such that learning a root is learning a large number of words.


August 8, 2011 2 comments

I woke up at 1:30. Not from bad dreams, just needed to pee. But then I couldn’t fall back asleep until 4:30 and was rewarded with a series of naps and dreams. The worst one had me riding in a van with some unknown strangers. The driver was taking us to the Laurentians in Quebec. At one point, I saw a turtle crawling around in some deep snow. We stopped near a gas station and through an open window I heard some woman yelling in French at a mechanic.

But somehow we ended up in Vermont and I found myself at a train station. A train station which I have no fond memories of.

We celebrated my brother’s birthday yesterday. One of his presents was a calendar with pictures of Vermont. When the calendar was passed around, I just passed it along because I couldn’t stand the idea of all the memories about Vermont coming back.


I fought hypos on Saturday while being somewhat active. I dropped the Lantus dose to 18u and did well on it yesterday and overnight. So I stuck with 18u this morning.

So what’s the GABA doing? Is it just slowing down the production of glucose by my liver, and thereby reducing how much insulin I need? Or has it begun to turn off the autoimmune attack enough that some beta cells are regenerating and not getting nuked by the immune system? I have no way of directly measuring that. I can only observe the details of my blood sugars and how much insulin I need to keep in control. But if insulin needs keep dropping, then maybe 2 weeks from now when I go to my doctor’s appointment, I will tell him about what I’ve been doing, what I’ve observed and asking if I might get blood drawn for a c-peptide measurement.

Of course, there is yet another slight but not impossible possibility to explain the drop in how much insulin I need: kidney failure. The kidneys actually remove insulin from the body, so diabetic patients who go into kidney failure will need less insulin. I suspect that’s extremely unlikely as I’m exhibiting no other signs of kidney failure.

I slept okay

August 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Not perfect sleep, but the dreams weren’t too bad. I woke up once and needed the bathroom, woke up a second time but fell back asleep without too much trouble.


Blood sugars were good yesterday. I ended up drinking a bottle of gatorade 2 hours after dinner, I tested at 62 mg/dL and I was going to need to bring that up. Woke up at 103 this morning.

Dropped the Lantus shot to 21u this morning. We’ll see how that goes.

La Baleine

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Title was inspired by the sea salt I use for cooking. I actually hadn’t looked at the name of it but glanced at it this morning. I thought, “That looks French,” and when I looked under that, I saw it said, “Le sel des grands espaces.” And I thought, “What does baleine mean?” Then it must have dug up some memory, but I thought, “Whale.” I saw a picture of a whale on the container and then when I googled it on the computer, yes, baleine is French for whale.


Yesterday when I took the morning Lantus shot, I reduced it from 24u to 22u. I seemed to get good coverage with it yesterday, although I saw a bit of a rise overnight. I didn’t notice any strange rises in post-meal glucose results. But I’ve certainly had variations and changes over time in my basal metabolism. There was a time back when I was running a lot, doing a lot of aerobic cardio that I saw my Lantus shot drop down to 15u per day. Of course, I was also down around 64 to 66 kilos then, so I had less mass.

Also yesterday I ended up having to consume extra carbs to cover my lunch bolus.

I’ve generally been observing a decrese in my Lantus shot from earlier in the year when I had done a fair amount of strength training and had gained some mass. I was up around 32u of Lantus per day then.

The most uncomfortable side effect that occurs when taking GABA, for me, is sometimes having a few minutes where I feel short of breath. It happens about 45 minutes after taking 1.5g of GABA.

Still, far too early to draw any conclusions. These are some optimistic signs, but nothing out of the realm of possibility from what I’ve seen before in my diabetic life.