Really tired today. Yesterday, my brother, another guy, and me worked on taking out an old bathroom. Took down the doors, took out the closet, took out the vanity, took out shower stall, took out the toilet. Took down the old drywall, and pulled up the floor. It’s just a crawlspace area underneath, so we went through an opening in the floor to cut off the pipes, rather than going into it by entering through the crawlspace hole down in the basement.

The layout of the bathroom is being changed from the way it had originally been built.


I struggled with low blood sugars yesterday. I was very active though, but it still seems incredible that I only ever bolused 2 units of Novolog for the 175g of carbs I consumed. 4 bottles of gatorade was the bulk of the carbs. Gatorade is easy and quick to consume to bring blood sugars back up.

Slept horribly last night. Woke up from a dream at around 1:30 and didn’t fall back asleep til after 4. The sleep from there to the alarm clock was a series of naps and strange dreams. That’s why I’m saying oof today.

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