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La Baleine

Title was inspired by the sea salt I use for cooking. I actually hadn’t looked at the name of it but glanced at it this morning. I thought, “That looks French,” and when I looked under that, I saw it said, “Le sel des grands espaces.” And I thought, “What does baleine mean?” Then it must have dug up some memory, but I thought, “Whale.” I saw a picture of a whale on the container and then when I googled it on the computer, yes, baleine is French for whale.


Yesterday when I took the morning Lantus shot, I reduced it from 24u to 22u. I seemed to get good coverage with it yesterday, although I saw a bit of a rise overnight. I didn’t notice any strange rises in post-meal glucose results. But I’ve certainly had variations and changes over time in my basal metabolism. There was a time back when I was running a lot, doing a lot of aerobic cardio that I saw my Lantus shot drop down to 15u per day. Of course, I was also down around 64 to 66 kilos then, so I had less mass.

Also yesterday I ended up having to consume extra carbs to cover my lunch bolus.

I’ve generally been observing a decrese in my Lantus shot from earlier in the year when I had done a fair amount of strength training and had gained some mass. I was up around 32u of Lantus per day then.

The most uncomfortable side effect that occurs when taking GABA, for me, is sometimes having a few minutes where I feel short of breath. It happens about 45 minutes after taking 1.5g of GABA.

Still, far too early to draw any conclusions. These are some optimistic signs, but nothing out of the realm of possibility from what I’ve seen before in my diabetic life.

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