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more on GABA

It looks like the reduction in insulin needs is coming to a stop. I stuck with 17u Lantus for a few days, pushed it back up to 18u this morning.

Which more than likely indicates that the reduction in insulin was being caused by GABA slowing down the production of sugar by the liver. My own expectation is that if the autoimmune attack were to stop and beta cells begin regenerating, then one would likely see a fairly steady drop in insulin needs, as I’m guessing that the pancreas would be able to regenerate beta cells at a fairly steady pace.

Still, I can’t yet discount the possibility that the GABA might be having an effect on the immune system, it’s just not there yet. I’ve seen a reduction in hepatic glucose production, but maybe now I’m waiting for the effect on the immune system to happen. It’s probably not likely, but I can’t discount that possibility so I am going to continue dosing with GABA for some time. If after a good length of time there is no sign of any changes, then I’ll have to make a decision if the reduction in hepatic glucose production is worth the cost of GABA and also the potential for unknown side effects that could happen with longterm dosing of GABA.


I didn’t sleep all that good last night. Didn’t get to bed til late, then I woke up around 5 from a sad dream and wasn’t able to fall back asleep. I feel tired.


I’ve been working again on Esperanto. Reviewing some of the early chapters of Teach Yourself Esperanto and scouring through stuff on Lernu and other places. I’ve also been listening to podcasts from Radio Verda. It’s definitely a lot easier to get a foothold in Esperanto than other languages. Although I’ve certainly been helped by the amount of French I know. Many of the roots in Esperanto come from the Romance languages and I get some recognition of words through that.

Right now I’m very interested in working hard on it, and seeing if I can get myself up to where I can possibly think in Esperanto for prolonged periods of time. I can get brief stretches of thinking in French, but I can’t sustain it. English is such an old and familiar friend, and I’m used to thinking hard about topics which aren’t run-of-the-mill, topics which I don’t really have vocabulary for yet in French. But I might be able to get enough vocabulary with Esperanto to do that, and the word building aspect of Esperanto makes it such that learning a root is learning a large number of words.

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