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Don’t forget your shoes

I was able to go out and play a round of golf on Saturday. I felt kind of excited about it, realizing the problem I had been having with the left arm bending, hoped to be able to hit some solid shots and assess better what effect the changes in the grip and stance were having.

But I forgot my shoes. I had taken them out of the car and forgot to put them in before going to the course. So I ended up playing in sneakers, which isn’t so bad except for the fact that sometimes your feet will lose grip when you swing. I think I had 6 or so swings that my right foot slipped when starting the downswing, a couple of times it resulted in big huge pulls to the left.

Other than that though, I had a good solid round of ballstriking. Unfortunately because of the slipping foot problem, I had four ugly holes on the day. But the other 14 holes were par, birdie, or bogey.  5 greens in regulation, and usually fairly decent short game shots around the green, except for one hole, hole 3.  5 pars, 1 birdie, 8 bogeys, but 12 over on the ugly holes. So a 91 because of the ugly holes. If I had kept those to double bogey, then it would have been an 87. And a bit more confidence in the putting stroke on some of the putts inside of 10 feet, then it’s maybe 85 or so.

So overall that’s very encouraging. I was striking the ball well and the change in my stance has made me feel more confident that I can aim at  a target and hit my shot, a ball with some fade to it.  The only times I came badly over-the-top in a swing were the times my right foot slipped.  Everything else was much better about having the right elbow get in towards my hip. My hands also felt more comfortable in the strong grip position I’m now using.

Now it’d just be nice for my left shoulder to continue to thaw and for me to get better extension on the backswing — that would help me get some more distance with the clubs.

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