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The roller

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

I first got a foam roller a few years back. Since then, I’ve had an intermittent love-hate relationship with it. When I foam roll my muscles with regularity, it is a good thing. The problem that happens is I always get lazy and stop doing it. Then over time, the muscles get knots in them and I start tightening up, but it happens slowly and I don’t really notice it. Until over the past couple of days since I deadlifted. I was a bit sore the day after, a bit more sore the next day, less sore yesterday but still with some aches.

And I looked at the roller yesterday and thought that I ought to do it.

Yow. Wow, it hurt. Every muscle that I rolled, there was pain. The worst was the back. But I sure felt better after a couple of rolling sessions, one in the late afternoon and one before bed. I believe I also felt a bit better getting out of bed this morning. So I got to get back into practice again with the roller. It helps.

2 bad dreams last night. 1 pleasant dream of sorts, I dreamed that Frodododo was alive again, that I was petting her and she purred happily.


Mi legis la libron, La Hobito.

I finished my first reading of La Hobito yesterday. I’ll certainly spend some time reading it again. Trying to read some Esperanto every day has been quite helpful, I usually end up picking up on a few new words and reinforcing others. I also now understand more of the Radio Verda podcasts. I don’t get everything, but sometimes I get a topic or two in a podcast that I understand a great deal.


a little sore

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

For the first time in a while, I did a bit of weight lifting last evening. It was very simple. Deadlifts, 5 reps at a time, 1 minute break in between sets. I ended up doing 10 sets which was as far as I planned to go. I knew that with not having done any lifting in many months, there was no need to push myself to the edges, because going that far could have ended up with me very sore the next. I’ve got a little soreness today, but it’s not bad, it’s just that soreness you feel when you’ve done a good bit of work.


Reading comprehension in Esperanto has taken a huge leap forward. Of course, I’m nowhere close to being able to read as fast as I can in my native English, but it’s a much faster pace now, with a lot more of the text’s meaning being clear without too much effort.  Sentence structures and words that would have stymied me some are now becoming more transparent and a greater portion of the material I don’t have to translate into English. I just read it as Esperanto.

Listening comprehension is getting better too. My biggest difficulty with listening is that I have a strong tendency to have the translating I do into English end up leading me off into other thoughts in English, then I have to yank myself back into listening. I seem to be a lousy listener that way. But hopefully that’ll get better and when that does, I think it will help step me along to being able to produce thinking and expression in Esperanto. I can’t get long chains of thought presently, but I do have little blips pop up during the day, so I think as long as I keep getting exposure and practice, expression will begin to emerge.


I really hate this time of year some. It’s the darkness of it, the growing darkness. I hate having the alarm clock go off and it’s still dark out. Then it gets dark all too soon after getting home from work, and eventually it’ll be pretty dark by the time I do get home. I sometimes think this coming time of year will kill me. Not with anything dramatic, but it’ll just simply extinguish me, erase my will to live and there’ll be nothing more to keep my heart beating and lungs breathing.


October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

For the first time in a while, we’re having a nice stretch of weather here. I had almost forgotten that there can be sunshine. I had time available to golf on Saturday, so I went out. The warm dry weather made a big difference. The golf course wasn’t dry, but it wasn’t soggy anymore from top to bottom. Low bottom areas were still rather mucky, but there was some roll out there which I like because I tend to drive the ball low, I like to hit line drives that can get on the ground and start running.

But I struggled some through the first 6 holes. Had some trouble making solid contact. But I was able to keep damage to a minimum and played the front 9 in an 8 over par 44.

Things started to click some on the back. Bogey at the tough 10th hole, par at the easy 11th, striped a perfect drive at 12, a low line drive with some cut around the gentle dogleg put me square in the middle of the fairway and about as far up as I’ve been all year. Unfortunately I hit the 8-iron completely fat, then ended up hitting a good pitching wedge into the green, 2 putts for bogey. Bad drive blocked out to the right at 13 had me play that par-4 like a par-5, but I made a par anyhow when my 3rd shot, a lob wedge ended up about 18 inches from the cup.

Hit the green at 14, but it was a long putt and I had a 3-putt on the green for bogey. Great drive at 15, ended up with bogey because of my pulled second shot. Hole 16, as good of a drive as I’ve hit there all this year, put an 8-iron on the green and 2 putts for par. Then I came up a bit short at 16, but chipped on and made par. At the 18th, for the first time all year, I drove the ball past the crest of the hill. So I am getting some distance back as the shoulder gets better. My 3rd shot into the green was short though, and my chip on didn’t get me close enough to save par. Still, a 41 on the back, I think that’s the best I’ve done on the back-9 all this year.


I think lately I’ve been sleeping somewhat better, although it’s still an iffy proposition and I still have a fair number of bizarre dreams or nightmares. Woke up at 3 this morning, so oh well.

The shoulder is loosening up some more, I think. I can raise it higher, and it doesn’t feel quite so stiff in the mornings as it has. I did have a dream recently where in it I was lifting my left arm straight up again. It felt good in the dream when I did that. It’ll certainly feel good when I can do it once again.


The new car is strange. It’s got the electronic locks, so no more fumbling for the key in the lock when it is a drenching rain. A much quieter and softer ride too. I don’t like the automatic too much, I feel disconnected from really driving, from listening to the engine and shifting the gears on my own. The power windows are weird too. Although I guess that would have been nice for when my left shoulder was at its worst, it could be a bit painful to roll the window up or down when the shoulder was bad. I don’t think I’ll ever love this car like I loved the Escort.

But hopefully this car will do a good reliable job, that’s all I can ask for.

Half a bag

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

The golf course played long yesterday, really long. This area is apparently transforming into a rain forest climate, 2 months of a whole lot of rain has resulted in pretty much everything being soggy. I would guess that even upscale courses with fancy draining systems are probably soggy. The public muni I play on is soggy from top to bottom.  So there is very little roll in the fairways, and when you swing and make good contact, the ball doesn’t compress between the clubface and the ground.

And yesterday the temperature was about48 to 50 degrees.

But anyhow, I decided to try an idea that had been tickling around in my head some, playing with only 7 clubs. One reason was just to see how it would feel to play a round with a limited selection of clubs and another reason was to make it easier to hoof it around and carry my bag. One difficulty this year with the left shoulder and its lack of external rotation is that I can’t I put my stand bag on both shoulders, I end up carrying it around on just my right shoulder the whole round. This results some in my right shoulder tiring out towards the end of the round.

So when I got to the course and took my bag out of the car, I then removed the 3-wood, the 4, 6, and 8 irons, the pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge from the bag and put them in the trunk. I went out with just the driver, hybrid, the 5, 7, and 9 irons, the gap wedge and putter.

It makes the bag a lot lighter.

Due some to how long the course played yesterday, I only hit 2 greens in regulation all day, the par-5 7th hole, and the par-3 9th. The 7th hole I hit an uphill 7 iron about 115 yards to get on the green, the 9th hole where this year I’ve been hitting 6-irons, I used the hybrid to get on. But in spite of only 2 GIRs, I still made 7 pars on the day.  In fact, I had 7 one-putts, and no three-putts, so only 29 putts for the day.  And if a few more of the putts had rolled a tiny bit farther, it could have been down around 26 putts for the day. My gap wedge, 9-iron, and 7-iron did a lot of good work with chips and pitches around the green.

Now if only things could dry out around here some. Chance of showers both today and tomorrow, then they’re predicting clear and sunny weather through Sunday. I’ll believe when I see it. Thursday last week, the forecast was saying it would be dry over the weekend.  Nope, soggy soggy soggy. I miss the sun.