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a little sore

For the first time in a while, I did a bit of weight lifting last evening. It was very simple. Deadlifts, 5 reps at a time, 1 minute break in between sets. I ended up doing 10 sets which was as far as I planned to go. I knew that with not having done any lifting in many months, there was no need to push myself to the edges, because going that far could have ended up with me very sore the next. I’ve got a little soreness today, but it’s not bad, it’s just that soreness you feel when you’ve done a good bit of work.


Reading comprehension in Esperanto has taken a huge leap forward. Of course, I’m nowhere close to being able to read as fast as I can in my native English, but it’s a much faster pace now, with a lot more of the text’s meaning being clear without too much effort.  Sentence structures and words that would have stymied me some are now becoming more transparent and a greater portion of the material I don’t have to translate into English. I just read it as Esperanto.

Listening comprehension is getting better too. My biggest difficulty with listening is that I have a strong tendency to have the translating I do into English end up leading me off into other thoughts in English, then I have to yank myself back into listening. I seem to be a lousy listener that way. But hopefully that’ll get better and when that does, I think it will help step me along to being able to produce thinking and expression in Esperanto. I can’t get long chains of thought presently, but I do have little blips pop up during the day, so I think as long as I keep getting exposure and practice, expression will begin to emerge.


I really hate this time of year some. It’s the darkness of it, the growing darkness. I hate having the alarm clock go off and it’s still dark out. Then it gets dark all too soon after getting home from work, and eventually it’ll be pretty dark by the time I do get home. I sometimes think this coming time of year will kill me. Not with anything dramatic, but it’ll just simply extinguish me, erase my will to live and there’ll be nothing more to keep my heart beating and lungs breathing.

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