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The roller

I first got a foam roller a few years back. Since then, I’ve had an intermittent love-hate relationship with it. When I foam roll my muscles with regularity, it is a good thing. The problem that happens is I always get lazy and stop doing it. Then over time, the muscles get knots in them and I start tightening up, but it happens slowly and I don’t really notice it. Until over the past couple of days since I deadlifted. I was a bit sore the day after, a bit more sore the next day, less sore yesterday but still with some aches.

And I looked at the roller yesterday and thought that I ought to do it.

Yow. Wow, it hurt. Every muscle that I rolled, there was pain. The worst was the back. But I sure felt better after a couple of rolling sessions, one in the late afternoon and one before bed. I believe I also felt a bit better getting out of bed this morning. So I got to get back into practice again with the roller. It helps.

2 bad dreams last night. 1 pleasant dream of sorts, I dreamed that Frodododo was alive again, that I was petting her and she purred happily.


Mi legis la libron, La Hobito.

I finished my first reading of La Hobito yesterday. I’ll certainly spend some time reading it again. Trying to read some Esperanto every day has been quite helpful, I usually end up picking up on a few new words and reinforcing others. I also now understand more of the Radio Verda podcasts. I don’t get everything, but sometimes I get a topic or two in a podcast that I understand a great deal.

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