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one of those bad diabetes days

The diabetes and me have been coasting along pretty good over the past month and a half. I suppose it was time for one of those weird days to happen.

All day yesterday, I kept coming out low. The highest glucose reading I got was 123 mg/dL after stuffing myself with carbs in response to a low. A bad low. A low which had me in a bit of confused daze and sweat popping off my arms and body.  I don’t know what happened yesterday. Did my liver decide to take a vacation? Did I maybe take 26u of Lantus insted of 21u? Did I inject into some layer of tissue that got more rapid absorption?

I ask that last one of those three because when I woke up this morning, I had to pee something awful, but first I tested. 337 mg/dL. That’s my worst hyper in a couple of years maybe, maybe longer even. So what if the Lantus got absorbed in 18 hours instead of 24? Then maybe my timid guesstimate shot at covering the carbs I ate in reaction to the hypo ran out around 1 AM this morning along with the Lantus and my blood sugar began climbing.

But there’s no real way of knowing for sure.

The hypo after dinner last night was bad. I had begun to feel empty headed maybe around 1 hour 15 minutes after dinner, but I just shrugged it off to me being tired from not sleeping well the night before and waking up early.  By the time I checked my blood sugar around 45 minutes later, I was feeling really off but in one of those vacant and unknowing states. My thoughts were repeating themselves.  I reacted to seeing 30 mg/dL on my meter by wondering if it was 80 mg/dL instead and thinking maybe I just ought to go lay down on the bed for a while. It took about 15 minutes for the fact of 30 mg/dL to sink in and make me wander to the kitchen to search for carbs, even though I had glucose tablets in my bedroom. I think I opened and closed the fridge door a few times before the fact there was orange juice finally registered and I also somehow avoided a temptation to grab a diet caffeine-free Dr. Pepper instead.  Then I ended up drinking a couple of large glasses of orange juice and the carb replenishment panic set in. I ended up eating a couple bowls of spicy Doritos to satisfy a fairly overwhelming desire to suffuse my body with carbs and chase away the nasty feeling of being low. It was way too much and I wasn’t keeping track well, but it was just basic survival instincts guiding my actions by then.

When I was later recovered, I made a conservative guess about how much carb I needed to cover with insulin, but I was conservative.

Another reason I for maybe ending up at 337 this morning is that my liver really kicked in and did a prolonged period of glucose dumping.

Oh well, I’m alive, but feeling rather bolloxed by everything of yesterday and overnight. Hopefully this day will settle in to a better range. I got down to 183 before leaving for work and was at 165 when I arrived at work.

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