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strike a pose, strike a ball

I suppose it’s only a sign that I’m getting older that I enjoyed Madonna’s halftime show at the Super Bowl last night.


Golfed yesterday.

Good:  Shot 86, getting more consistent about a slower tempo on the backswing, made my 2nd birdie of the year, more distance with the driver.

Not-so-good:  36 putts, chipping and putting were not as good as I should be capable of.

Anyhow, I think the most promising development came in the increased distance I saw with the driver and the rest of the clubs, in spite of the fact the weather was a bit cooler than the prior weekend. There were probably 2 reasons for that — the left shoulder continues to improve,  slowly but surely. The other reason was from me finally really acknowledging what I’ve long known — that my overall joint mobility and body flexibility sucks.  So Monday of last week I began searching out information on good stretches and yoga poses that I could do, especially ones about opening up the hips.

Then, throughout the week, if I remembered during a slow moment at work, I’d do one or two. I’d also try to do some in the mornings before work and during the evening. Saturday morning, I did a more extensive and thorough set. It certainly seemed like I made progress during all of that, I even felt a sense of some restriction being lifted from my hips, even walking felt more open.  I’ve still got a lot of room for improvement. I don’t necessarily have to become as bendy as some of the people in Youtube videos demonstrating the stretches and poses, but I ought to become more bendy than the stiff and inflexible person that I am presently.


Last week I finished reading the Esperanto translation of Jane Eyre. Good story, a bit belabored at times maybe, but you can definitely see some early feminist thought in the book.

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