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robin’s eggs again

Saturday when I was walking near the yew bushes along the north side of the house, I saw a robin fly out of the yew bush where last year I discovered a nest, with 3 eggs that first day I found it. Saturday, I checked the nest which looks to have been sort of re-patched and found it has 4 eggs in it.  It might be the same robin as last year, or maybe one of the ones which hatched last year, or an unrelated robin who just found the old nest and decided to fix it up for this year. No way of clearly identifying.

But whatever the case, this year’s eggs are at least a week ahead of last year’s.

Last year, 3 of the 4 eggs hatched. Near the last days before the fledglings left the next, it got crowded with the 3 of them. I wonder if all 4 will hatch this year.

One big worry is I’ve seen a couple of cats hanging around this year. This nest is not in the safest place, it can be seen by animals on the ground. We’ll see what unfolds.

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