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3 chicks

3 hungry mouths

On the second day, the last 2 eggs hatched and there were 4 chicks in the nest Wednesday evening, May 9th. But when I checked the nest Thursday morning, it looked like there were only 3 chicks. Checking the nest when I got home last evening, it was definitely only 3, 2 slightly larger than the third one. So my guess is that one of the last 2 eggs to hatch didn’t survive the time between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

The smaller one seemed to catch up some in how much it grew between last evening and this morning.

Last year, I only ever saw one robin doing the feeding. This year, I’ve gotten to see both robins. A couple of times one flies back in with food and another comes in behind, then flies out again seeing that the other parent is already there feeding the chicks. I think that last year the papa robin may have died and the mama robin had to do it all on her own. This year, she’s got help.

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