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If I’d been smart and foreseeing, I would have called it a day at the 14th hole and walked to the parking lot which was close. But I wanted to play 18 because I had been golfing better and wanted to finish out the round.

A few drops started splashing down while playing 15, which went well. Decent drive, lost a little bit to the right but still in good shape. I then faded a 4-iron to put me in range of the green with a 9-iron, but I elected to hit 8-iron to try to get to the back of the green where the flag was. Hit it really flush and it hit the green, but then carried into the rough just off the green. But I was able to choke down on the lob wedge and chip it out to only a few inches from the hole and a par.

Then the skies opened up on 16. In about 30 seconds, I was drenched and even if I had had raingear with me, it happened so fast that it wouldn’t have saved me. Since I was soaked and now almost as far from the parking lot as possible, I just played on. And the downpour continued. On the 18th, there was about 30 seconds of small hail pelting down. Then finally as I came up the final slope to 18, it pretty much stopped.

I was chilled too. For the ride home, I turned on the heater in the car. Even so, when I got home, I had a cold wet shirt clinging to me and it seemed to sting as touched my back and ribs. It was a bit awkward pulling the shirt, thank goodness my shoulder is loosening up more, if my shoulder had been locked down like it was last year, it might have been nearly impossible to get the shirt off. Then I toweled myself dry, got into dry clothes and heated up a grilled rib and leftover vegetables in the microwave.

Even so, I still felt a memory of that chill this morning and took as hot of a shower as I could stand.

But I golfed better some yesterday and I’m pretty sure I know why. Some time back, I figured out how to make the ball draw, and that was fun some to play with, but a bad idea for me. Playing only once a week, the changes in setup that I would use to go from hitting a fade to the draw made me too inconsistent in how I would swing the club. It had gotten to where only 1 out of 3 or 4 shots was really doing well. So yesterday I played with the conviction I would go back to playing my natural tendency to fade the ball and the rewards were obvious. Much more consistent contact and seeing the ball move like I would expect it to.

So I’m going to retired the idea of playing for both the fade and draw, and go back to working on trying to hit the consistent fade. For the first time in a long time yesterday, I had 3 straight holes where I made par — because I was able to get the ball on the green, once, or near the green and then make the pitch shots stop close to the hole and make the par putt. The way it had been going lately, too many times I wasn’t near the green with a chance to get up and down for bogey, all too often it was only near the green where getting up and down would save bogey or double-bogey. So I made 5 pars yesterday, which was much nicer than recent rounds where I was only making one or two.


The left shoulder has thawed some more. I’m now at the point where I can hang from the pull up bar, although you can tell the shoulder still isn’t really settled properly into position. But it seems to get a bit better each day after I hang a few times from the bar, or try to pull myself up. When I first started hanging there, I could hardly budge upwards. Now I’m getting the elbows to about 90 degrees before I lose pull upwards. I can’t do chinups though. My left arm won’t rotate enough to allow my left hand to get a grip with the palm facing towards me. Still, maybe in a month or so I will do a genuine pullup again.

My left arm has weakened a lot. I saw it in the mirror the other day. My left arm is noticeably smaller than my right arm. The muscles have really weakened and shrunk. Hopefully in a few months time I will have a functional enough arm again that I can work again on being stronger. Only a few years ago, I was strong enough to do one-arm chinups with my right arm from time to time.


Lots of sad and strange dreams lately.

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