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a full pull

After a long long time, I’ve finally done a full pullup again. I had been getting closer, earlier in the week I had gotten to having my mouth nearly level with the bar, but lacked that last little bit of strength. This morning there was finally enough and my chin cleared the bar.

I’ve also begun working on pushups again. For a long while, there was just too much of an awkward feel to the left shoulder when doing a pushup. Some awkwardness still exists, but it’s not so wrong feeling and it might be helping to break up more of the scar tissue. So maybe the shoulder is well enough again that I can work on regaining the strength that’s been lost.

It’s a bit dismaying to remember how I used to be able to do 10 or more pullups easily, no awkwardness to the shoulder, being strong. Now I’ve got some work to do to rebuild the left arm and shoulder which sort of withered during this time of impairment. And I’m still a ways away from the arm being fully functional. Yeah, it’s a lot better than it was, but that just shows how horrible it had gotten. Frozen shoulder is miserable business.

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