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It feels like I’m finally feeling good enough, physically and mentally, to work on regaining the strength I’ve lost. Even if I can’t really do a lot of pullups yet, there’s still other bodyweight stuff I can work on.

It began last Friday when I did some pushups spread out through the day. A total of 50 or 60. Sadly enough on Saturday and Sunday my muscles were sore from that. But I went back to them on Monday and did 100 pushups. No soreness felt on Tuesday, and on Tuesday I switched over to bodyweight squats. A total of 150.

I felt a tiny bit of soreness in the right leg yesterday and today, Thursday. On Wednesday it was back to pushups and I cranked out 160 during the day. Now today, there is a very slight sense of soreness in the lower back area, muscles which stabilize the torso when doing pushups. Anyhow, I’m squatting again and aim to do a total of 200 squats today.

When I took a look in the mirror this morning, it looked a bit like it’s already helping to make a difference from how soft I had taken to looking. I still don’t look anywhere near as strong or fit as I did when maybe I was at a peak of sorts back in 2010, but at least I’m not sliding anymore into a deeper softness.

I suppose I should consider doing barbell rows for the back, for a pulling strength motion. The only problem with that is I can’t bring my barbell to work and do them at spaced out intervals like I can with pushups and bodyweight squats. Still, that makes sense, so I’ll figure out a way to work something with them.


Se arbo falas en arbaro kaj neniu ĉeestas por aŭdi ĝin, ĉu ĝi faras sonon?

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