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Yesterday I used up some of the last vacation time for the year remaining to take a day off from work. The weather cooperated nicely. After some fog and clouds of the morning vanished, it would warm up over 60 degrees.


I lifted in the morning yesterday. Deadlifts were the main focus, I also did some burpees, db swings, and single arm db overhead presses. Then I finished off with a couple of farmer’s walks, really pushed the last one to the limit. When I finally and just barely placed the dbs on the floor before they fell from my fingertips, I noticed one, that my body felt incredibly light with the weight gone, and two, that my forearms now hated me intensely. The hate would take about half an hour to fade away. But luckily enough, the forearms don’t feel too bad today. A bit stiff, but that’s all.

Then about 5 minutes after that, I went out and roughly measured out a distance of 50 yards. Another workout I’ve been throwing in if I have time and feel good enough has been one of squat some weight 8x, then sprint hard as I can for some distance. I’ll do that 3 or 4x or so. The basic idea is to get a small bit of conditioning and also improve my top-end sprint speed. So yesterday measuring out that 50 yards of distance was just to give me a way to test a few sprints with a stopwatch, not actually do a squat then sprint workout. But yesterday I got my first measures of sprint speed. It kind of sucks. 8.47 seconds, 8.09 seconds and 7.94 seconds in the final one. If I calculate the numbers, that means my fastest sprint yesterday is still slower than the speed at which the fastest marathoners run marathons. Now I’ve always been slow, but it’s a little painful to realize how slow I am. Usain Bolt is nearly twice as fast as me at sprinting. But I think I ought to see some improvement. Maybe nothing ever all that fast, but hopefully at least fast enough that I could sprint alongside an elite marathoner for 10 to 12 seconds as they go 26.2 miles.

Another lift I’ve begun doing and plan on using them in the warmup with the workouts where I’m zercher or front squatting is Dan John’s goblet squat. It’s a brilliant setup and makes it stupid easy to practice squatting with proper form and hip drive out of the bottom. I also tend to feel a nice stretch at the bottom with them. And that’s good. I need that.


I’ve always been kind of lopsided some. I’m right-handed and have always favored the right hand strongly. When I had frozen shoulder in my right some years back, it did help teach me to use my left side a bit more, with a bit more coordination, but now that I’ve dealt with frozen shoulder in the left for getting towards 3 years now, that’s exacerbated my lopsidedness. I’ve lost a lot of strength in my left arm. I can press a 60-lb db overhead with my right arm, but my max with the left arm right now is about 30 lb. Although I’m limited some there because I can’t quite get straight vertical with my arm and body line on the left still. It’s getting closer though. Every day now it feels like I have a bit more range of motion in the left shoulder.

Strangely enough though, I’ve found my left hip region is tighter than my right. There’s a noticeable difference in how deep I can get with piriformis and hamstring stretches. And the hip flexors. The left hip though is making quicker progress than the right side though. So hopefully one day I will have nearly equal flexibility on both sides of my hips.


I felt the improvements in strength and flexibility while golfing yesterday. For much of the past 2 years, I golfed with a sensation that I was kind of stuck almost. Stuck while trying to turn, stuck while trying to shift weight. Yesterday for the first time I felt a really good sensation of my body having some freedom to it. Although in golf it doesn’t mean you want to begin waving the club every which way. It’s definitely showing up in my distances with the shorter irons, from the wedges down to the 7-iron about. Not quite as much or as consistent with the longer clubs, but maybe as I continue to unbind my body they’ll follow suit. And hopefully next year I might find myself longer than I’ve ever been with my clubs.

I didn’t shoot too badly yesterday either. 11 over through 14 holes. Got off to a real good start with a birdie at the first. Then I had a 3-putt bogey at the second. But another GIR and par at the 3rd. A little sloppy at 4 and got bogey. At the fifth, I caught up to the end of the line of the slow group chain out on the course and became the fourth of a foursome. I parred the 5th. The 6th hole, I was a little long and my ball ended up underneath a bush. I had to take an unplayable, but I pitched on and saved bogey. Got a bogey at 7 too, then parred number 8. Hole 9 I smacked my 4-iron pin high, but in the bunker to the right. I’ve got some real problems out of bunkers right now and I didn’t do this one right. I then ran a chip about 8-feet past and 2-putted for double.

At the 10th, I wasn’t able to pick a ball clean off a tight lie for my 3rd shot. I then hit a great chip, just far enough past the hole to make the putt not dead certain. Then I missed it and walked off with double bogey. Came back with a par at 11, a bogey at 12, then a 3-putt double bogey at 13, but parred the 14th and the daylight had run out.

One of the guys I played with said how he had shot a 74 on the course back in November. I just remember thinking after seeing him nudging his balls to better lies many many times that wasn’t any sort of real 74. I probably could have saved 2 or 3 strokes yesterday if I had nudged my balls into better lies for a couple of shots. I held my tongue though.


I’ve also got one other kind of fun workout now. There’s some woods nearby with horse trails. I got out on them, walk some, jog some, but also when I come across some larger rocks, I try to see what ones I can move or lift in some way. No formal reps or anything. Just see where I can go and what I can move.

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