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6 more victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre will be buried today.

There is no comprehension here. I can’t understand the mindset of someone who kills his mother and then goes to elementary school and shoots young children. Sometimes when I hear a news story about one of the victims I start to cry. It happened again this morning when the radio said there will be 6 more funerals today, 2 of them adults, one the principal of the school who tried to take down the killer and the other a teacher who sought to shield the kids in her class.

If there is one tragic symptom of a form of insanity that has gripped my country, it is this tragedy. But symptom is the wrong word, isn’t it? Manifestation maybe? What word really describes what happened there last Friday? Beyond that, what word describes a nation where a large enough segment of the population, even after Sandy Hook Elementary, would believe that the answer is more guns in more hands?

Fuck that. It’s simple math. The more guns that are available, legal or otherwise, the more chances there are of someone sufficiently disturbed or evil enough getting their hands on guns to do shit like Sandy Hook.

In spite of that simple environmental fact, there will still be those who think we need more guns in more hands.

I suppose in my ideal world with a 2nd amendment interpretation about well-regulated meaning that the government does have the authority to regulate gun ownership, I would see something like this:

–Individuals could still own guns if they have no criminal record and they receive certification from qualified therapists. At the lowest level of gun training certification, those guns could only be kept at licensed ranges with proper storage facilities. Possession of guns at home would be restricted.

–No more handguns. I know there are some legitimate purposes to handguns even in hunting, but other than that, handguns are more about being able to carry a potentially lethal object without others knowing about it.

–Definite restrictions on how much ammunition a person may be in ownership of.

–Gun buyback program by the government. Buy up the guns that people turn in and melt them down. Maybe turn them into a monument that can be placed in Newtown, maybe a simple monument of two words saying, “Never again.”

–Regulation of what kinds of guns the gun industry can make.

–All gun owners must purchase gun liability insurance, insurance which must cover all health and injury related expenses caused by the gun owner’s gun. If you’re going to own a gun, be prepared to pay a steep price to keep it around. If you let your insurance lapse, your guns are seized.

Work on those areas and over time reduce the number of guns that are out there. No, it won’t stop all massacres, but fuck, it will reduce the ease of someone deranged enough to go on a shooting spree. It’s time for some sane regulation of guns in America. It’s time to kick our love affair with guns to the curb, it’s time to take steps so one day there will be next-to-no-chance of Sandy Hook happening ever again. 20 kids. 20 kids. 20 kids sacrificed for the strange warped conception of freedom by America’s right-wing.


It’s a rest and recovery week after 4 weeks of heavy lifting. Yesterday I did some pushups, chin ups, light squats, barbell glute bridges and glute-ham raises.

I’ve gained about 5 pounds over the past month, but it’s muscle. So that’s good weight to put on.

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