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sand, stones, and chrome

January 18, 2013 Leave a comment

It’s nice having more daylight at the ends of the day again. It provided me the opportunity to go back into the woods after I got home and play with some stones and rocks. I found a few stones which I was able to get up on the right shoulder and press the overhead. My overhead press is somewhat lopsided presently because the left shoulder still hasn’t completely thawed. But it still felt okay enough and it should help some with pressing strength.

Then I found a couple of larger stones and the challenge with them was to get them off the ground and eventually cradled against my chest and walk with them. One of those that I found was real borderline to get into position and then I could only maintain him for about 20 steps. Finally, I had some fun with one real tough guy. Prior times I’ve played with him I could only flip him end over end, and I did that a number of times last evening. But I also took an effort at seeing if I could clear him from the ground and did do it for the first time, getting him a couple of inches clear and totally in my hands.

I picked up a good bruise on the upper left bicep at some point during that.

After that, I went back inside and made dinner. I opened up the first of two packages which got delivered yesteray. It was the large canvas sea bag and after dinner, I moved the sand from the old bag to the new bag. It’s more of a bear to lift. The old bag I had was kind of cylinder-like, and that made lifting it somewhat easier. This big new bag has the sand sit in a much larger blob, so it’s harder to get the arms underneath and then wrestle it up. Still, I was able to shoulder it and experiment squatting with it. First thing I found is that if I sat it up there without much of the sandbag drooping down below the shoulder level, it makes for a much harder squat when the weight is up high like that. This morning I figured out how to get the weight to distribute down lower and did better with it, but it still doesn’t sit as conveniently as it did in the old bag. That limited my 3rd set of squat reps to 15 this morning.

The other package was a pair of chrome Baoding balls. I played with them some last evening and more this morning, slowly improving how well I could make them revolve in the hands and fingers. It feels like they ought to be useful in improving the muscle function and dexterity with my fingers, along with maybe being somewhat stress-managing. It can be a bit soothing to get them moving around smoothly and in a rhythm.