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solstice, la unua tago da vintro

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Today will have the shortest time period between sunrise and sunset in the northern hemisphere. Although because of a kind of asymmetry, sunrise will continue to be later for the next 10 or 11 days or so, before it finally reverses course. The sunsets started becoming later 10 days ago.


Wednesday evening, after work, I went to the nearby park to do a little walking and running. For me, the most remarkable occurrence with the short intervals of running I did, longest being about .2 miles, is that I felt the strongest sensation ever that my glutes and hamstrings were firing. There have been times in the past when I have tried to have that mind-muscle connection, and sometimes I’d think that I would feel it, but those were just faint echoes compared to what I felt Wednesday evening. It seems that the glute targeting is maybe breaking through, I’m learning to use my glutes thanks to doing bodyweight glute bridges and barbell glute bridges. Other factors which might be waking them up is I often try during the day to squeeze the glutes. The left glute is the laggard glute though. It does well when I squeeze both glutes, but it’s harder for me to get it to contract when I try to do that by itself. The right glute is fairly responsive.

So last night, I paid special attention to doing bodyweight single leg glute bridges.

If I go rummaging in my memory, I don’t know if I can ever pull up a memory that says to me my glutes were ever really functioning like they should. Of course, maybe when I was really young I would have never paid attention to it, and much of my gluteal amnesia has come about from too much sitting. On the other hand, I’ve never been a fast runner. Some of that may be because I don’t have much fast-twitch muscle fiber, but what if another part of it is that I never really used the glutes while running, even as a young kid?


Last night I had a strange dream where it was a mixture of English and Esperanto. Probably inspired some by reading the Esperanto translation of Murder On the Orient Express, which actually mixes between Esperanto and a little bit of French. So seeing those two languages intertwined some, ended up carrying over into my dreams kind of.