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Captains of Crush #2

January 21, 2013 Leave a comment

This morning I finally got a full close of the CoC #2 gripper with my right hand. It wasn’t an impressive and dominant close, it was just barely pushing them together, but the gap was gone. If anyone were to ask me what made the difference, I would just say it probably helped that last week I did a couple of days where I tried to do as many single reps as possible of the #1.5 along with doing overcrushes of the #1 and #1.5 with a quarter pinned between the gripper legs. Aside from the gripper work, I also did a lot of squats with the sandbag and a fair chunk of levering with a sledgehammer, plus I also split and chopped some wood with an axe over the weekend. All of that probably helped give me the final push over the edge. Still, that’s just a single close, one that was barely there, so more grip strength would definitely be better and it would be good to get to a point where I know I can pick that sucker up almost any time I want and close it. And maybe now I ought to order that #2.5 and make that the next gripper goal.

The left hand is still lagging. It’s getting stronger, but I still can’t quite close the #1, although I’m beginning to suspect it might be a hard #1. I noticed this morning as I warmed up my hands, that the #1 felt tough in the right hand and based on that it seemed like I might not get a good effort on the #2. But I also suspect the other problem with the left hand is the trigger finger I got in it back in 2007 and which gradually healed to where the trigger disappeared last year. Yet I can still feel a bit of resistance in that knuckle sometimes and it feels like it’s there when I close grippers. I can even see that the finger doesn’t go in as full as the right ring finger when I close the tips into the palms, it sits out just a tiny bit and that might be the difference.

I did a whole lot of squats over the weekend. Saturday I also lifted and carried a bunch of stones.

Had a bad, long wakeup last night. Woke up and felt like the cold darkness of winter was pushing down on me. I was warm in the cocoon of blankets, but there was still a sense of chill to everything.

Got the coldest air of the winter coming in this week.


warm up

January 8, 2013 Leave a comment

We had a little stretch of colder weather, although really it was just about seasonable averages, and nothing super frigid. Now the forecast for the next 10 days is calling for temperatures some 6 to 15 degrees above average, so it’s going to be a bit of a mild run. Maybe I’ll be able to golf this weekend, the course was still shut down last weekend because things had frozen up enough and even though it had grown milder over the weekend, there was a think skin of muck on top of the frozen layer underneath.


The deadlifts on Saturday went well. I went in to the last working set expecting maybe 8 or 9 reps if I was feeling right and pulling well. I pulled 10 and probably had 1 or 2 reps left in me still. If one-rep max calculators are right, I could maybe pull a 300-lb max single rep now. Not a bad improvement over when I got started again last November and my max might have been around 230 to 235 lbs. I’ve also added in a new wrinkle. After resting up some from the last heavy working set, I drop the weight down and then do a set of 20 reps with that lighter weight. It seems to work and feel good, so I’m going with it.

Then I did farmer’s walks after the deadlifts. Sunday I did chin ups, dumbbell swings, and barbell glute bridges.

Last night, in spite of it being a recovery day, I got bored some and did some sets of kroc rows. They should be a good upper body pulling and grip exercise for me to do.

Getting really close to finally closing the Captains of Crush #2 with the right hand. Also getting close to finally closing the #1 with the left hand. My left hand has always been weaker and clumsier. The disparity with the right is exacerbated some by the ring finger on my left hand — 5 years or so back, when I first tried training grip some, I overdid the number of reps with the left hand and it caused a trigger finger to develop in the ring finger. Over time, the swelling that the tendon sheath would catch on has gone down and the finger doesn’t catch anymore, but obviously, I want to be careful that I don’t create that again, plus I can feel a sense of the finger wanting to catch when I do close the hand and ring finger, just a slight feeling like there is still a tiny swelling in there — and that swelling does keep my left hand from closing with completely full strength.


I had a bad dream last night where I dreamed I was being pulled apart on some sort of factory assembly line. The dream had this overwhelming feeling and theme of an idea how since the industrial revolution and the development of replacement and interchangeable parts, we human beings have come to view others around us an interchangeable, as replaceable. Maybe that’s even true. But even if it is true, it feels sad to me.